Finding the best insurance options available to you

Shopping for a healthcare plan can be overwhelming, but the Lighthouse experts are here to help. With our team of licensed agents, Lighthouse can help you navigate through the Affordable Care Act and provide options to fit both your healthcare needs and your budget.

In Between Jobs or Newly Hired:

If you are seeking employment, or have recently been hired by an employer and are in a probationary period for benefits, we can help. Lighthouse can provide short-term medical options prior to becoming eligible for employer-sponsored health coverage.

Termination, Separation of Employment, or Reduced Hours:

As an alternative to COBRA, Lighthouse can provide individual coverage options to you and your family in the event you lose employer-sponsored health coverage due to an involuntary or voluntary separation, or reduction in hours.

Dependents Turning 26:

Individuals with dependents turning 26 may contact Lighthouse for continuing health coverage options for young adults. Many times, your dependent may qualify for cost-sharing reductions or tax-credits to help pay monthly premiums on an individual health plan.

Early Retirement:

Are you looking to retire before turning 65? Lighthouse will work with you and your spouse to secure an individual health plan to cover you until obtaining Medicare eligibility.

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