Building trust through regular communication and proactive plan development

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At Lighthouse, we believe an important role as your Benefit Consultant is to provide pertinent, informative and useful communication to both you and your employees about your benefit programs.

We provide timely communications and compliance alerts on issues relating to your HR and benefit programs such as the ACA, ERISA, COBRA and more. For specific details, please see our Compliance & HR Support section.

How do we do it? We foster an open communication policy with our clients that allows us to understand your mission and respond strategically. We believe in an educated and evolving approach to your employee benefits strategy based on your organization's growth goals. As your administrator, we promise our clients:

  • Annual Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Pre-Established Consistent Stewardship Meetings
  • A Standard Service Commitment
  • A Dedicated Client Service Team
  • Data-Driven Renewal Negotiations

At Lighthouse, we are on your team and committed to serving as your strategic partner to achieve your growth and human capital goals.