Lower Your Health Care Costs and Improve Your Employees’ Health Risk Profile


Although most wellness programs are geared to helping employees eat healthier and exercise more, a small but growing number of wellness programs and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are helping individuals with a holistic approach to well-being which includes:

  • Financial Health
  • Social Health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health

Research has shown that financial stress can significantly impact physical and emotional health. As financial health is closely tied to physical, social, and mental health, addressing both the financial and physical wellness of employees with an integrated program can lead to even more successful outcomes.

We can help you find the right wellness program vendor to meet your needs, develop strategies to actively engage employees, and measure the success of your program.

Our wellbeing team:

  • delivers an integrated solution that includes strategy, consulting, and innovative programs.
  • partners with our data analytics team to create targeted population health management programs that deliver results.
  • brings a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple areas of wellness and well-being.
  • becomes an extension of your team!